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Short Stories
Nellie's Christmas Letter by Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott

by Emily Steele Elliott

“I have been all over town, and no one would take me,” John tells his widowed mother in this FREE short story. Has he made the right choice in trusting the Lord, no matter what?

by Uncle Rupert

Two days isn’t very long to soak in a panorama of historic events. Will our heroine’s whole attention be absorbed by the vivid scene, or will she find time to delve deeper and discover the motives which give the pageant it’s soul?

by Unknown Author

Homeschooling Resources

by Courtenay Burden

Are you looking for a Christian course that will teach your high school student to write poetry? Check out our FREE 10 Weeks to Writing Good and Great Poetry.

by Chelsea Burden




Do you find your highest aspirations lost in the everyday-ness of life? This FREE poetry download will challenge you to look at your daily world in a new and more beautiful way.

by Anna L. Waring

If you are looking for a pure, elevating, and inspiring example of Christian poetry, “The Second Day of Creation” is for you!

by Thomas Whytehead

We may leave behind places and events and memories in this next year that we will be sorry to part with. No matter how many "pleasant lines" we leave behind, if we are faithful to God and His Word, we may know that the future is bright.

by Chelsea Burden

Why did I choose to title my poem "November Beauty?" When our heart is as grateful as it ought to be, we'll see everything as a blessing.

by Chelsea Burden