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 Where Are All The Books?

You’ve clicked on the home page.  You’ve read a little about Good and Great Books.  You were intrigued by the idea, so you clicked on the products tab to see what we had to offer.  And where were the products?!

We are a new company in the publishing world, and it is our desire to provide you with worthwhile products and resources throughout our growing season.  The books are coming, but in the meantime here are a few things to get you started.

Our goal at Sheep Among Wolves is threefold:

1. To Guide Christians Toward Good and Great Literature

We have a strong conviction about the importance of books that are both good and great.  We believe that every Christian has a responsibility to evaluate literature in the light of Scripture, seeking for books that are “wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.”

Even if you don’t buy a single item from our site, it is our goal to encourage you to examine whatever you read by the light of God’s Word.  It is the only infallible guide.  The links below give you some of our thoughts in this area.

What Are Good and Great Books?

Five Guidelines for Choosing Good Books

Where Do You Find Good and Great Books?

2. To Provide A Forum For Evaluating Good and Great Literature

Over the years, we have thought how helpful it would be if there were an online forum for reviewing Christian books based on a Biblical worldview.

No book is going to be perfect.  But families should be able to make an informed decision based on the needs and issues in their own lives.  And it is certainly helpful if they can make that decision before they invest in a given book.

Our book reviews are not recommendations, nor do we receive compensation for them.  They are candid evaluations of the pros and cons of each volume, as well as a brief summary of the storyline, and a suggested reading age where applicable.

To browse our growing catalogue of reviewed books please click on the Book Reviews tab which is found in the menu at the top of the page, or select one of the titles below.

Picture Books/Early Readers

A Sweet Singer

God is Good Series

The True Princess

Children and Teens

Recommended for Ages 6 – 11

The House with Two Grandmothers

Christie’s Old Organ

Gabriel and the Hour Book

Little King Davie

Mary Jones and Her Bible

Teddy’s Button

Recommended for Ages 12+

A Charge to Keep

War-Torn Valley

The Courage of Nikolai

Adult and Non-fiction

My Kitchen, My Classroom

A Virtuous Woman

3. To Offer Good and Great Literature Through Our Publications

And yes, we are a publishing company.  It is our desire and goal to provide you with direct access to books which we believe to be both good and great.  As titles become available for sale, they will be posted on this page.  We have several in the works, and we ask your patience as we labour through the stages of editing, re-editing, typesetting, cover design and publishing.

In the interim, to give you a sense of what is coming, we have the following FREE resources available for you.

 The Word of the Week Vocabulary Program

SAW Publishing’s Word of the Week (WOW) program is a vocabulary supplement built around hymns and Bible verses.  Each lesson contains a Webster’s 1828 Dictionary definition, Scripture reference, and examples that encourage students to use new vocabulary in daily life.  To find out more about the program, see our post entitled Boost Your Student’s Vocabulary with our FREE Word of the Week

10 Weeks to Writing Good and Great Poetry

Sheep Among Wolves’ Good and Great Poetry Course was created to teach high school and pre–high school students how to write poems that are both good and great. This FREE 10-week course takes a look at some fundamental elements of poetical structure as well as the themes and subject-matter which really make up the soul of a poem.  For a full explanation of the course, see our post entitled 10 Weeks to Writing Good and Great Poetry. 

A Sample of Chelsea Burden’s Poetry

My Chickadee

It Is The Start and Yet The End

First Snow

November Beauty

Reflections On Solitude

Footprints In The Snow

Whatsoever With Thy Might