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Hearts at Home

Is homemaking a call for every woman? Or is it only the responsibility of a few? What does it truly mean to have our hearts at home?

Mrs. English

“Few girls in our day need to be reminded that they are not merely ornaments to society, and that their existence is to be something more than a dreary round of purposeless employments and wasted energies. On the contrary, there is a restless desire to “do good,” which leads many to look abroad into the wide field of misery, and to overlook the opportunities of usefulness which lie at their own threshold.”

In this challenging exhortation to the young ladies of a past generation, Victorian author Mrs. English sends out a plea that is just as relevant today as it was when first published in 1876. Do we value the noble role we may fill inside our own families? Do we truly have hearts at home?

This excellent little pamphlet makes a wonderful study for mothers and daughters alike.