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Good Books From Christian Publishers

One place to look for good books is through Christian publishers.  There are a huge number of Christian Publishers out there that you might not even know about.  Wikipedia has a list 93 pages long!  Surprised?  I was. Some are Christian imprints of larger, well known publishing companies.  Others are independent Christian publishers that produce only religious material.  There are good books available at many of them.  The problem is weeding through the multitudes of books to find the ones that will be appropriate for your family.

Christian Publishers

Five Christian Publishers we have Found to be Worth Deeper Investigation

1. Bethlehem Books

Bethlehem Books is a small publishing company whose mission has been to bring back into circulation books of the recent past which demonstrate solid Christian values.  Books are available in paperback and e-book format and include historical fiction, adventure stories, biographies and family reading.

Their ‘living history’ collection provides a good supplement to many home school curricula.  A delightfully laid out website categorizes all of their works according to historical time period, age appropriateness, and topical interest.  Many of the books available are from a Catholic perspective.

2. Christian Light Publications

Christian Light Publications is a non-profit literature ministry which has been distributing books, pamphlets and tracts worldwide for the past 40 years.  Christian Light Education is a sub-division of this ministry providing Christian educational materials with a strong emphasis on training character.  Books come in a wide variety of bindings including paperback, hard cover, and spiral bound.  There are a few items available in e-book format.

In addition to storybooks and educational materials this company provides activity books, Bibles, devotionals, audio books as well as works covering Christian living and church history.  The website includes a thorough site map to easily locate any category of book that you might be looking for.  All of the books available are from an Anabaptist perspective.

3. Lamplighter Ministries

Lamplighter Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization seeking to build Christ-like character through the godly role models portrayed in their literature.  While most of their beautiful, hard cover books are reprints of previously published works, they have been selectively edited to remove offensive material and to fall in line with God’s Word.

Be careful comparing books with the same title offered elsewhere – they will not be edited in the same manner as Lamplighter.  As well as their signature collection, Lamplighter has produced some dramatized audio books, family resources and a few CD’s and MP3’s.  The website is extensive and easy to navigate.  Most of the books available are from an Evangelical perspective.

4. Pathway Publishers

Pathway Publishers is an Old Order Amish publishing company known for their modestly priced, solidly written material, spanning a range of fiction, educational materials,  biographies, and cookbooks.  Books are bound in paperback and hard cover.

While Pathway Publishers does not have their own website, the link above will take you to an independent distributor where you can order their books.  All of the books available are from an Amish, or Old Order Mennonite perspective.

5. Rod and Staff Publishing

Rod and Staff Publishing is a Mennonite publishing company which produces modestly priced Christian fiction promoting Biblical standards as well as a line of curriculum useful for home schools and Christian schools. Books are bound in paperback and hard cover.

Like Pathway Publishers they do not have their own website, but can be purchased at Milestones in the US and CMCO Publications in Canada.  All of the books available are from an Anabaptist perspective.

These are just a few Christian Publishers to get you started on your quest for godly literature.  Do you have any favourites publishers that you would like to see highlighted by us?