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Footprints In The Snow

Footprints In The Snow

I wandered forth across the snow

And listened to the crunch below;

Some thirty feet I went, I know,

And then I glanced around;

And from the place where lay my tread

The footprints wound a silver thread,

The only link from thence I led—

A pathway on the ground.

Footprints Blog

They shadowed me where’er I strode,

A thin but all persistent road,

My wand’ring foot too plainly showed

Had any wished to see;

And crisp and white the footprints lay

As slowly waned the fading day,

And once intense and golden ray

Shone up the path to me.

Snow Scene copy

And so I thought, our paths of Life

May wander on through joy or strife,

With endless good or evil rife,

For all to trace the track;

And though it much regretted be,

As prints which marked the snow for me,

No choice we make that others see

Can e’er be taken back.

                                         – Chelsea Burden

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