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My Kitchen, My Classroom – Book Review


Book Details

  1. Title: My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool
  2. Author: Jennifer Bly
  3. Publisher: Jennifer Bly
  4. Genre: Parent Resource
  5. Number of Pages: 110
  6. Theme: Introduction to Homeschooling
  7. Age Range: Adult
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Are you considering homeschooling as a possible choice for the education of your child? Or perhaps you have already committed to homeschooling this year and are now second guessing your decision. This succinct, easy to read book on homeschooling is exactly what it’s sub-title declares: “An Introduction to Homeschool.”

My Kitchen, My Classroom is detailed enough to address many of the issues that are critical to new homeschool parents without becoming overwhelming. Jennifer covers the basics of homeschooling, including methods, organization, scheduling, budgeting and tracking student progress. She doesn’t stop there. She also tackles the bigger issues of dealling with doubts, defining success, and overcoming difficult situations.

This reference work is written in an engaging, personal manner that makes you feel as if you are sitting across from Jennifer with a cup of coffee and a pad of paper, just getting your questions answered. I would not hesitate to recommend My Kitchen, My Classroom to new homeschoolers or those considering it as an option for the future.  As a Mom who has home taught my children for many years, I was concerned that I might be too critical of a young Mom making such an introduction. Not so! I took away a few pointers myself, and found both the style and content delightful.


SAW Rating System

Resource rating 4/5

Content Notes:

  1. Romance and morality—No issues
  2. Disturbing content—No issues
  3. Language—No issues
  4. Alcohol and drug use—No issues.
  5. Spiritual content—Jennifer is a Christian and makes some references to prayer and relationship with God. While we feel that this would be an excellent book for believers, it would also be a great choice to recommend to non-believers.
  6. Family roles and Behavior—No issues.
  7. Mature subject matter—No issues

Check it out for yourself!