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A Sweet Singer – Book Review


Book Details

  1. Title: A Sweet Singer
  2. Author: Marla Martin
  3. Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.
  4. Genre: Fiction
  5. Number of Pages: 56
  6. Theme: Nature and home life
  7. Age Range: Beginning Reader
  8. Links:Milestone Books, Wholesome Books


Lee wishes for a friend to talk to one hot Sunday afternoon.  Surrounded by the beauty of God’s world—the soft breeze, the puffy clouds, tiny ants and crickets—he is amused, but not satisfied.  Will Lee find the friend he desires?  The message of the sweet singer brings the joy that Lee is searching for.


This delightful little story is a treat to read.  Full of the details of God’s creation, sprinkled with rhyme and simple pencil sketches, this is a wonderful book to share with a child who has learned the basics of reading.  The author has included a pronunciation key in the back and breaks difficult words into syllables to encourage independent reading by first graders.


SAW Rating System

  1. Good Qualities – 5/5
  2. Great Qualities – 4/5

2 thoughts on “A Sweet Singer – Book Review

  1. Anita

    We have enjoyed reading several of these books published by Rod & Staff to our children. And they have turned to them again on their own. Not only do you get a story, you get moral lessons and either a geography or nature “class”. All brought to you in the most gentle of ways. Both reader and listener will not be disappointed. This is not one that we have…I’ll have to look out for it at conference sometime. And they are usually priced very reasonably!

    1. admin

      Anita, we too have enjoyed a variety of books published by Rod and Staff. Many people are unaware of the selection available as they are not usually found in libraries or book stores. We hope to highlight some more of them in future book reviews.