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Word of the Week Lesson #8 – ENDURE

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 The Word of the Week lesson #8 takes a look at Matthew 24:13 and Psalm 107:1 as we explore the meaning of the word ENDURE.

Word of the Week Lesson #8

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Short Definition

Abridged from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

ENDU’RE, verb intransitive

to last; to continue; to bear patiently

Webster’s 1828 Full Definition

ENDU’RE, verb intransitive

[Latin durus, duro.]

1. To last; to continue in the same state without perishing; to remain; to abide.

The Lord shall endure forever. Psalm 9:7.

He shall hold it [his house] fast, but it shall not endure. Job 8:15.

2. To bear; to brook; to suffer without resistance, or without yielding.

How can I endure to see the evil that shall come to my people? Esther 8:6.

Can thy heart endure or thy hands be strong? Ezekiel 22:14.

ENDU’RE, verb transitive

1. To bear; to sustain; to support without breaking or yielding to force of pressure.

Metals endure a certain degree of heat without melting.

2. To bear with patience; to bear without opposition or sinking under the pressure.

Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. 2 Timothy 2:10.

If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons. Hebrews 12:7.

3. To undergo; to sustain.

I wish to die, yet dare not death endure.

4. To continue in. [Not used.]

All definitions are taken from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary from Volume 1 and Volume 2 and can also be found on Webster’s 1828 Dictionary online

Memory Verse

“O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”  ~ Psalm 107:1 (KJV)

“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”  ~ Matthew 24:13 (KJV)

All scripture references are taken from the King James Bible


“O enter then His gates with praise;
Approach with joy His courts unto;
Praise, laud, and bless His name always,
For it is seemly so to do.

For why? the Lord our God is good;
His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth at all times firmly stood,
And shall from age to age endure.”

– William Kethe (?–1594), All People That On Earth Do Dwell (The Old Hundredth)

 All hymn texts are taken from Cyber Hymnal

Examples from Daily Life

“What a delightful week we’ve had,” said Robyn as they packed up the tent.  “I can hardly endure the thought of going home.”

“I expect we’ll endure the thought,” said Philip a bit mischievously.  “What I am concerned about is enduring all the portages on the way back!”

“The Park Ranger mentioned another route we could take,” Mr. Gravesend remarked, as he consulted the map.  “It’s a bit longer, but we’d be able to canoe the whole way.  If you think you can endure a long day of paddling, we can avoid the portages altogether.”

Printable Image With Short Definition and Memory Verse

 The Word of the Week lesson #8 takes a look at Matthew 24:13 and Psalm 107:1 as we explore the meaning of the word ENDURE.

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Bonus Activity

Look at the Latin root listed in brackets at the beginning of the Webster’s 1828 Definition of endure above.  Can you see a similarity between the word endure and the word durable?  Read the following definition of durable from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.


[Latin durabilis, from duro, to last; durus, hard.]

Having the quality of lasting or continuing long in being, without perishing or wearing out as durable timber; durable cloth; durable happiness.

Make a list of characteristics that describe both words.  A sample answer will be given at the end of next week’s WOW lesson.

Sample Answer to Last Week’s Bonus Activity

Stanza One—Proverbs 3:13.

Stanza Two—Proverbs 3:14 (and possibly 15).

Stanza Three—Proverbs 3:17 (and possibly 16/18).

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2 thoughts on “Word of the Week Lesson #8 – ENDURE

  1. Michele Morin

    This is so good, and while I tend to think of the word “endure” in terms of the Christian’s call to endurance, your study has reminded me that God’s mercies endure forever, and that, as our eternal and above-time God, He has always endured and will continue to do so! Words can lead to true worship, can’t they!

    1. Courtenay

      I would have to agree! Sometimes we become so familiar with a word, that we don’t think about it’s meaning anymore – or think of the meaning in a limited sense. I’ve found with a lot of these WOW lessons that seeing the derivation of a word has deepened my understanding of it, too. I hadn’t thought of the connection between “endure” and “durable,” before I wrote this post, but I think they both expand on each other. Thanks for the encouragement!