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Word of the Week Lesson #33 – PERPETUAL

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The Word of the Week Lesson #33 takes a look at Genesis 9:12-13 as we explore the meaning of the word PERPETUAL.

*Please note that this lesson was used as the sample lesson at the beginning of our course.  It has been modified from the original, and contains a new image.

Word of the Week Lesson #33

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Short Definition

Abridged from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

PERPET’UAL, adjective

everlasting; endless

Webster’s 1828 Full Definition

PERPET’UAL, adjective

[Fr. perpetuel; L. perpetuus, from perpes, perpetis; per and pes, from a root signifying to pass.]

1. Never ceasing; continuing forever in future time; destined to be eternal; as a perpetual covenant; a perpetual statute.

[Literally true with respect to the decrees of the Supreme Being.]

2. Continuing or continued without intermission; uninterrupted; as a perpetual stream; the perpetual action of the heart and arteries.

3. Permanent; fixed; not temporary; as a perpetual law or edict; perpetual love or amity; perpetual incense.  Exodus 30:8

4. Everlasting; endless.

Destructions are come to a perpetual end.  Psalm 9:6

All definitions are taken from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary from Volume 1 and Volume 2 and can also be found on Webster’s 1828 Dictionary online

Memory Verse

“And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”  ~ Genesis 9:12-13

All scripture references are taken from the King James Bible


“Far as creation’s bounds extend,
Thy mercies, heavenly Lord, descend;
One chorus of perpetual praise
To Thee thy various works shall raise,
Thy saints to Thee in hymns impart
The transports of a grateful heart.”

 – James Merrick (1720–1769), Far as Creation’s Bounds Extend

All hymn texts are taken from Cyber Hymnal

Examples From Daily Life

“Look, Dad!  You can see the moon, even though it’s daytime.”  Robyn pointed up at a faint white outline.  “I thought the moon was only in the sky at night.”

“The moon orbits the earth,” Mr. Gravesend explained, as they walked along the beach.  “At times the moon may be on the opposite side of our globe, or in some other position where it can’t reflect the sun’s rays to us.  At other times during the day, the sun is so bright that we can’t see the paler beams of the moon.  But the moon’s cycle is perpetual.  Sooner or later we see it again.  On some days, like this one, you don’t even have to wait for it to get dark.”

“I see something else that is perpetual,” said Philip, pointing across the harbour.  “That windmill never stops, either.  Its arms go round and round in a perpetual circle!”

“I am always losing my socks,” Robyn remarked mischievously.   “It seems as if my search for them is perpetual, too!”

Printable Image with Short Definition and Memory Verse

The Word of the Week Lesson #33 takes a look at Genesis 9:12-13 as we explore the meaning of the word PERPETUAL.

Bonus Activity

The word perpetual means endless, but there are several different ways in which it can be used.  When we say that God’s love is perpetual, we mean that it will never end—it will last through all eternity.  This is the meaning of perpetual given in Webster’s Definition 1.  On the other hand, when we say that a windmill is perpetual, we mean that it keeps moving without a pause.  We do not mean that it will continue eternally.  The second meaning of perpetual is seen in Webster’s Definition 2.

Beside each of the words below, write either eternal or continual to show whether they will last forever, or only for a time.

Water going over a waterfall


The moon orbiting the earth

The wheels on a car

Our souls

God’s Word (see Matthew 24:35 and Isaiah 40:8  if you have difficulty)

The four seasons

Robyn looking for her socks

The answer will appear at the bottom of next week’s WOW lesson.

Answer To Last Week’s Bonus Activity 

Rebekah – proper noun

raiment – common noun

son – common noun

Esau – proper noun

house – common noun

Jacob – proper noun

son – common noun

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